Monday-Distance on a coordinate plane using Pythagorean Theorem

Tuesday-Distance on a coordinate plane using Pythagorean Theorem Continued will do an activity this day.  Test Review will be due the next day.  Parents can sign the review for bonus points

Wednesday-We will go over the test review in class.

Thursday-Pythagorean Theorem Test

Friday-Catch up day 

***All papers due before Thanksgiving will NOT be allowed to be made up after Thanksgiving***

Lesson Plans November 2, 2020 to November 6, 2020


I can not believe that we are already in November!!

Thank you all for being patient as math grades were put in a little late.  I have two homework assignments from last week that I left at school but those will go in asap.  Students were given the opportunity to come in and correct their tests.  Several of them chose  not to come in.   PLEASE remember that if there is an asterisk, the assignment was not put in yet.  If there is a zero, your student truly has a zero for that assignment.

Students will be pulled the next couple weeks to get them caught up on lower TEKS that they have been struggling with.   This is NOT a punishment but your student does need to understand them to help them be more successful.



Monday-Interior and exterior angles of triangles

Tuesday-Similar Triangle—Test review will be given this day and due Thursday.

Wednesday-Triangles activities

Thursday-Test review due and we will go over it in class

Friday-Transversals and Angles Test

Lesson Plans August 31, 2020 to September 4, 2020


WELCOME MS. EDNEY!!    Ms. Edney will be our student teacher this semester.  I am excited for her to join us this year.  🙂

Lesson plans may overlap with last weeks with everything that happened.   If you find that your student is struggling please have them come in before school to get help.  I have classes during enrichment everyday.  So I am not available to help during that time. This week will build on almost everything that we will do this year.


Monday-Simplifiying Expressions-Notes will be in journal

Tuesday-One and Two-Step Equations

Wednesday-One and Two-Step Equations-Word problems

Thursday-Edgenuity-WHAT IS NOT FINISHED IN CLASS WILL BE HOMEWORK. Please make sure your student has completed it.  They will have until Monday to do so.

Friday-Equations with variables on both sides

Lesson Plans August 24, 2020 to August 28, 2020



Monday-Review Scientific Notation.  Students have done two lessons on Edgenuity but I still want to cover this in class.  I will be giving a test review.  Half of it will be due Tuesday.

Tuesday-We will go over the test review in class.

Wednesday-TEST-The Real Number System/Scientific Notation

Thursday-One-Step Equations-Adding/Subtracting

Friday-One-Step Equations-Multiplying/Dividing

Lesson Plans August 17, 2020 to August 21, 2020


We made it through our first week back!!  You guys did so great with all of the changes and just wearing your mask.   Thank you all, I promise you have made our job so much easier. 🙂

Monday-The Real Number System-We are going to review on rational number and introduce irrational numbers.

Tuesday-Continue The Real Number System and talk about our new vocabulary.

Wednesday-Estimating and Comparing Square Roots-We will be doing activities to prove which ones can go on a number line and which ones can’t.

Thursday-Scientific Notation-Converting from standard form to scientific notation/Converting from scientific notation to standard form.

Friday-Scientific Notation-Using scientific notation to solve word problems.


**Next week you will have a TEST over everything.  If you are struggling on any of these concepts, come in before school for help.  Don’t wait until the morning of the test.  **