Simple and Compound Interest

Watch the video over Simple and Compound interest.  Then complete the punchline FRONT and BACK.  Make sure that you show all of your work on a separate piece of paper.  You can email or DM me if you should have any questions BUT instead of waiting for a reply, move on to the next problem.   I will try to respond to you ASAP.  Thank you all

Lesson Plans March 5-March 10, 2018

TEKS: 8.7B

Monday: Continue Surface Area- Triangular prism and pyramids

Tuesday: Continued Surface Area-Cylinders and Cones

Wednesday:  Continue Surface Area-Word problems

Thursday: Continue Surface Area-Quiz.    *****Pi Day challenge*****  Who can memorize the most digits of Pi???   This could be you!!

Friday: Pi Day celebrations and stations.   We will celebrate Pi Day (March 14th) by using Pi in all of our stations.  Students can bring food or drinks to class this day BUT they must be able to use Pi in the calculation of the volume or surface area of the object.  They must also be able to share with all of their classmates.

Lesson Plan for February 28, 2018

Click on the link on the right under Video Lessons for Class titled Surface Area.  Watch and click through ALL links.  You will have to do the problems on notebook paper.  Then you will do the worksheet (showing ALL your work)!!!  I will NOT be able for your questions until late Wednesday night.  I am sorry about this.